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I'm Gabi Garcia

Product Manager & entrepreneur

I am a passionate product guy with a strong technical background. As a developer-turned-PM, I have a vast expertise in the software development process as a developer, technical lead and product manager. So, I have a good understanding of both the technical side as well as the business side.

I studied Computer Engineering while working as a freelance web developer. I earned my degree from Pompeu Fabra University and then I had an internship with Telefonica R&D. After that, I moved to the startup world, first as an agile web developer and then as CTO.

Finally, I decided to found my own startup ( with a couple of partners, and led a B2C SaaS product for almost 3 years, reaching more than 500k users and 1000 customers at the time I left.

After that, I became part of the Onebox family, working on the Product side for the last 3 years. First, as a Product Owner for different teams and, currently, as Product Lead for two different tribes (5 teams) mentoring other Product Owners and leading the Product Community of Practise.

I consider myself a very communicative person, good listener, entrepreneurial minded and, mainly, a team player.

Feel free to send me an email to hi <at> gabi <dot> cat and I will try to answer you as soon as possible. You also can follow me on Twitter or add me to your LinkedIn network.